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Patio Ornaments Décor

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Patio ornaments decorative finishes, statues, pots, fountains, patio accessories, etc…

Patio Statues Finishes
There are different types of statues that can be used as part of patio decorating, those made of concrete or stone can be finished in a variety of styles and colors, according to décor projects. This decorative work is guaranteed for exterior conditions.
Patio Pots Decorative Finishes
Our patio pots collection is unique in it’s style and artistic finishing. If art is everywhere, why not on these concrete pots that are an important part of patio decoration, as well as statues, exterior conditions wont affect our top quality materials.
Fountains Decorative Finishes
Fountains are probably the most complicated work because they contains water at all times and it reduces the maintenance
Patio Accessories Decorative Finishes
Mail Box Refinishing
All of the new mail boxes comes in a solid color from factory, white, black, brown, etc. We also transform these anachronistic objects that never match with your home decoration into something completely different, a beautiful and interesting piece of art, worked in the same colors that identify your decorating environment.

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