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Architectural Elements Finishing

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Architectural Elements Gallery

Architectural ornaments decorative finishes, crown moldings finishes, ceiling medallions finishes, etc…

Hand Painted Crown Moldings Finishes
These hand painted crown moldings are one of our main specialties in architectural ornaments category, we have a large variety of designs, sizes and finishes, they are absolutely unique and beautiful. Most of them are available for purchasing in our online store:

Hand Painted Ceiling Medallions Finishes
As well as crown moldings, our hand painted ceiling medallions can be considered real pieces of art, carefully finished to match most of the chandeliers, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Their antique look and color combination makes them the most beautiful ceiling medallions in the market. Available at:

Columns Decorative Finishes
Other of our great artistic jobs are done on columns, we do an amazing hand painted faux marble finish for all type of columns and pilasters, interior and exterior, rough or smooth; as well as antiquing finish for columns capitals and bases.

Fireplaces Decorative Finishes
Before seen these decorated fireplaces, we assure that you never imagine this could exist, hand painted faux marble finish combined with antique elements painted in metallic colors, simply amazing.

Stair Railings Finishes

Hand Painted Light Fixtures Refinishing
Last but not least, we’ve had the pleasure to include these small details in our vast collection, hand refinished lights fixtures, always matching other elements in the place and creating a look that you’ll never see in the factory finishes, with longer durability and protection. Don’t throw away your old light fixtures; we’ll create with those what you don’t see on stores.