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This is a very interesting question, many people think that decorating is one of the final steps on new construction projects, while in reality most of the decoration works, are based on the construction itself, for example, if you decide to add soffits in your ceiling design, these soffits should be build while all metals and drywall are installed, other examples are niches, columns, etc.

One of the big issues we face on new construction projects is precisely the mentioned above, customers want to adapt decorating work to whatever the architect or original designer decided to put on the flor plan, and sometimes results are not as expected, because again, most of decorating projects should be conceived from the very beginning.

Yes, you will have a free quote or estimate for your decorating job as well as some rough ideas about your upcoming project for free.

Yes, you will have to sign up a service agreement with Fine Art Deco, Inc. For the decorating project that will be performed in your house or business, this procedure constitute the very first step before any job is started. This agreement or contract is a legal document carefully written and adapted for creative services and complies with all standards requirements and legal procedures based on the State of Florida laws and regulations.

Work-site furniture protection










NO, you don’t have to worry about your furniture or belongings left in the work-site, everything is covered with heavy duty plastic sheeting, and floor with canvas drop cloths, your items are completely save with us.

Yes, once the service agreement is signed, if required, you will be showed a preliminary idea of the job.


Work-site furniture protection

NO, you don’t have to pay for scaffolding, we provide any type, size and height, every scaffolding is in excellent conditions with brand new wheels, also canvas drop cloths are laid on the floor where scaffolding are set, you don’t have to worry about your floor.