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Browse below the available decorative accessories for doors, gates and fences, fill the form at the bottom of the page to order accessories for your Decorating Project.

Screws / Buttons

Frequently used in door joints, simulating real screws or knots that were used to assembly wooden pieces on ancient doors, this help to enrich the antique look of finished doors, also commonly used in gates and fences to simulate screws attaching poles or assembling parts.


Frequently used in door decorative squares, depending on the door design most of the old doors were made assembling wooden pieces, this produce square shapes all around that are part of the door design or decoration.


On most of the ancient doors, the hinges were visible and part of the decorative design, that’s why we use these fake hinges to make the antique look more real. We have a large variety of finished hinges to choose from, in order to match the door decorating of your preference.

Door Knockers / Latches

Door knockers are a distinguished ornament frequently used on this decorating category, it’s a nice touch and increase the importance of the door as an architectural element.

Door Centers

These accessories can be used for the center of doors or to be combined with other smaller elements on a determinate section of the door.


Leaves to be used anywhere on your doors, many combinations for different sections of the door can be done using these beautiful accessories.


Animals can be used anywhere on your doors.


Angels can be used anywhere on your doors, mainly in door squares.

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