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Columns Decorative Finishes

Artistic columns decorative finishing, columns marbleizing, custom finishes and décor for columns and pilasters.


Columns Capitals

See our columns transformation process below

Most of the columns we work on are made of keystone, concrete, wood or fiberglass. Wood and fiberglass ones come smooth (ready to paint), also keystone or concrete columns may come like this, but usually they are rough with plenty of holes, see below…


Also in these keystone or concrete columns joints might be visible due to bad installations, see below…



In these cases a plaster coat is needed to turn column body into a smooth surface ready to paint, No sanding is required to obtain a surface like the one shown below, so you don’t have to worry about dust or mess in your place. see below…


On exterior columns same result can be obtained by concrete plastering.

Also a high gloss clear coat is applied at the end, in order to get a marble look (other finishes can be obtained, according to clients preferences). In other words you can transform this:


Into this:


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